Custom Configurations for Unique Applications
Providing custom configurations is what we do best. The design and specification of custom medical cables is very involved — we urge you to take advantage of our expertise in helping you develop a solution that is the perfect fit for your application.

Custom Configurations for Unique Applications

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Silicone rubber is the material of choice for ultra flexible, autoclave sterilizable medical electronics cables. Silicone on its own, however, has a physical weakness that can lead to stretching, distortion or breakage after repeated wiping or physical cleansing. NEWtuf reinforced silicone jackets overcome this concern without impacting biocompatibility, flexibility, heat resistance, sterilization, dimensional requirements, or strippability.

NEWtuf reinforced jackets provide three times the tensile strength of silicone rubber, and limit elongation distortion to a fraction of a percent. Unlike conventional silicone jacketed cables, your NEWtuf reinforced cable can be repeatedly handled and wiped while maintaining its original appearance and performance.

Performance Characteristics and Custom Design Options:
  • Optimum Pull Strength
  • FDA, USP, ISO 10993 biocompatibility
  • Sterilization / Autoclave
  • 150C/300V UL AWM Styles
  • Parylene Coating option
  • RoHS, REACH compliance
  • BPA, ADM, Latex Free
  • Pulse oximetry
  • Foot Switch
  • Electrosurgical
  • Arthroscopic
  • Surgical Robotics
  • Ophthalmic